Guest Writer: Life Coach – Stephanie Jeffreys

Stephanie Jeffreys, Life Coach and Former Marine/Army

Facing Failure – As an Opportunity

In life, there are times when we have a lot of confidence in ourselves and our abilities.  Then there are other times that we struggle to see the forest because we are too busy looking at the trees. I think that this comes with Fear of Failure. Failure to some may be extreme as losing everything that they own, while for others failure could be just losing a relationship that you thought completed your life. How we respond to Failures and move forward is what is key. Renewing our perspective is often the first step to readjusting after failure. What was the lesson to be learned? What could you have done differently? What can you do differently moving forward? What do you want the results to be? Failures pose so many questions, the questions that seemingly have no answer in sight.  Making the decision to keep living and learning after Failure is vital because there is still living that needs to be done.

What is certain, is that no matter what you have gone through in life, no matter what you are going to face eventually the sun shines again and there is another opportunity to try again and to get it right. The thing that most people miss is that God doesn’t hold our failures against us.  He already knows the outcome, and he knows that the things that we are experiencing are a part of the story that we are going to tell someone else one day who is struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel in their situation. God knows what he’s doing and he knows that he isn’t done with you yet, and that he is going to do great things through you and with you if you just don’t throw in the towel.

Even when there seems to be nothing on the horizon…have faith

Fear of Failure is real, and it can hinder us from moving forward in our lives on so many levels. So what I challenge you to do today is to tap into your Higher Power and decide that you are going to face the next obstacle in your life your with a positive attitude and optimism.  By no means will this perspective take away the hurt and pain attached to the situation, or minimize the emotional impact. It will, however, allow you to see difficulties as a part of the bigger picture of your life instead of the thing that is designed to keep you from moving forward.



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