Automating ourselves out of a job


FANUC_R2000iB at work
What did you want in your coffee?

Hey Elon Musk, Travis Kalanick all you smarty pants, why exactly are you automating everything?

A long time ago, back in 2016, there was a huge conversation about how jobs were disappearing and the Rust Belt bore the brunt of economic stagnation because jobs were going to China due to bad trade deals.  Since then, it turns out that most of those jobs were lost to automation.  You know those cool robots that build cars, sort stuff, screw stuff.  Who needs people for that anymore?

Can you believe we get paid just to stand here?

So 88% jobs were lost since 2000 to automation.  Since this was such a huge problem for the 2016 election, it isn’t a far leap to assume it’s going to be an even bigger problem as more Artificial Intelligence and automation systems like self-driving cars come online.  Everybody and their second geek cousin is getting on the self-driving bandwagon.

Experts, ride-sharing tech nerds, the automotive industry and everybody working on automation tells us this is what we need to do.  They are all saying that there will be more jobs and upward economic mobility as a result.  First, pizza delivery guy, you need to go back to school to learn coding, or to become an engineer.  Hmm.  On pizza wages, after you’ve just been downsized.  Who pays for that?  The pizza guy, the guy who already didn’t make enough to get healthcare, fix his car, barely able to pay his rent?  That guy?  He’s going to have money to make it all the way to graduating as an engineer or coder?

Thanks for paying for my coding education Mark Zuckerberg!

The companies downsizing the low-skilled labor will hire from India or wherever else engineers are plentiful.  They’ll happily pay the sponsorship fees for an HB-1 visa rather than pay Kendrick to learn how to code.  This is just an observation of what the auto industry did.  I worked on a GM assembly line and there were a lot of foreign engineers working on our American automation.  A lot of the robots came from somewhere other than America.  Meanwhile, there was no lateral program for Hank down in machining or LaTisha on the assembly line to prepare them for this technological shift that supposedly is going to be good for everyone.

Wouldn’t it be great if these great minds working on artificial intelligence and automation made creating entry level positions as a variable in solving the myriad of threats were facing today?  Here’s an example of great minds with a conscience.  The Japanese must import their raw materials, if they go to another country to buy them, there’s that middleman, that means the raw materials got more expensive.  Then there’s dealing with countries that abuse their citizens to get raw materials.  That’s not nice.  So, what did the Japanese do?  They said, there is a garbage pile of broken up space junk orbiting earth.  That space junk can destroy manned space craft and legitimate satellites because it is travelling so fast.  It’s safe to call space junk a problem.  So, they invented a spacecraft to go up into orbit, roll out a magnetic tail and MINE THE SPACE JUNK!

One man’s trash, another man’s treasure

Elon, Sir, I recognize that you’re really smart.  I’d like it if you’d put your brainpower into saving the earth, and creating jobs as you do it.  Imagine we recycled absolutely everything.  Mr. Musk, you are so smart, and handsome, could you put some time into thinking about how to help poor people become independent recyclers, so they can be cleaning up our world and making good money at the same time selling the components of that waste?

Thanks, Mother Earth




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