A Perspective on Impeachment

Power to the People

A lot of people are talking about impeaching the U.S. president these days.  Basically, impeachment, in the U.S., boils down to the perceived popularity/unpopularity of the sitting president and how committed lawmakers are in making impeachment happen.  The way I understand the situation, so far, President Trump has not yet been proven a criminal.  Proving he is mentally unfit will be a dubious task and even if both were certain, then there is the majority of Republicans in the House that would have to be convinced to vote to impeach their own president.


Since intelligence operatives are restricted by law in revealing classified information, even if the president were impeached, it would be difficult to build the rationale to the voters who put him in office.  Conspiracy theories would abound, and red-state voters would likely feel that their president was bamboozled out of office  by Beltway Insiders.

I don’t think it is very likely that the president will be impeached.  Then even if he were impeached, I’m not enamored of the 2nd and 3rd batters up:  Vice President Pence or Speaker of the House Ryan.

If impeachment happened though, I wish it rolled out like it recently did in South Korea.


In South Korea, the people demonstrated by the millions against their president.  They converged on Korea’s version of Times Square and National Mall rolled in up in one.  In this temporal, historical and financial capital of the country, they protested in the cold with candles, color coordinated signs and T-shirts, shouted synchronized chants.  The press got into all the sordid details of the President’s improper relationships and all the bad things her friends did in her name, and the people, by the millions, demanded impeachment.

South Korean Protests.PNG
Seoul, South Korea, Impeachment Season 2016

The Supreme Court of Korea voted on Impeachment and she was done.  She went home soon thereafter to chill her heels until her court date for criminal wrongdoing.  The great thing about Korea is that they had to have a snap election for president within three months.  President Pak’s number two kept her seat warm for three months, and then he was gone too.  The Korean people punished the ruling party by picking a progressive candidate, anti-dictatorship veteran.  So they are basically starting with a clean slate.

Back in the U.S.S.A., there is that outside chance that things could swing back into progressive territory again in 2018.  With all the Republican’s intensive redistricting and voter restrictions in the past years, I’m not holding my breath.  Maybe, though, a miracle will happen and the progressives that thought Hillary was just as bad as Trump will be moved to vote during the Congressional Mid-terms, against the ruling party.

Here’s one scenario:  Trump and buddies are proven guilty by FBI et al..  Mid-terms go great for Democrats and they win back the House.  Nancy Pelosi again, becomes Speaker of the House, with her Democratic majority they successfully stymie the entire conservative agenda and vote to bring impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

45 is impeached, but before it gets to the Senate…45 resigns.  Vice President Pence is implicated, also resigns.  Since Paul Ryan is no longer the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is now President (Yuck, but better than Trump, Pence or Ryan).

In 2020, depending on whether or not Nancy Pelosi can refrain from being  sanctimonious and smug in the wreckage of the Republican Party, she either runs for President or steps aside so Americans will have a chance to vote for someone that causes less indigestion, maybe John Kasich, maybe Bernie.

I’ll take 10,000 Bernies please

If all that fails, there are checks and balances on the American government.  The best one being the genetic repulsion of every American against tyranny.  We’re so entitled as a people, we bring the house down when we think someone on American Idol is treated unfairly.  We are a supremely mouthy bunch.

The outside check on power is G.W. Bush getting brutalized in the media for years.  The outside check on power is Hillary not winning.  The check on power will happen when people fall off the ACHA and die.  As morose as it sounds, it just takes the first cute white kid to die unnecessarily and her story to go viral and the country is going to do a huge pivot against some pretty big parts of the conservative agenda.  The pivot against President Trump is already moving ahead in slow motion.  If the budget passes in its current form, lots more people will get angry, and then maybe, there will be millions on the National Mall protesting with candles and matching T-shirts.




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