This site is an exploration of “What is” and “What-if’s” of urban life.   Collections of people in urban areas is becoming more common place.  In 1800 only 3% of the world’s population lived in cities.  In 2014 it is closer to 54%.  As the human race becomes more dense, we are forced to contemplate each other more.  We need to reflect on our approachs to living together because it is a really important challenge for the future.  So, I’ll be putting out my observations, research and concepts together.  I think this is the key to decoding this most extraordinary of journeys.  I will rotate through these topics on a weekly basis:  DIVERSITY, CREATIVITY, ECONOMICS, SOCIAL JUSTICE and BIKES.

I will gladly accept contributions because the way I see it, we, the human race, are a work in progress and to truly move forward, it’s crucial to include a lot of different voices.  I’ve heard profound observations on life from a lot of people who are generally ignored in society.  In my years as a bike messenger, I found that wisdom can come from just about anywhere.